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Will Staying Active In Retirement Improve Your Social Interaction?

Staying active when you are retired does not only mean physical activity.

Research has shown that being socially active as we age has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being.

You may have retired and lost daily social interaction with co-workers. Friends may have retired and moved away. We may lose friends and family due to death and illness.

Your previous social circle may have dwindled. Don’t worry.

By staying physically active you can build a new, strong, and large social circle.

3 Ways To Stay Active And Increase Your Social Interaction

If we stay physically active in retirement there are a variety of health benefits. Social interaction can also have a major impact on your health and wellness. Here are three of the many ways to stay active and increase your social interaction.

1) Reach Out To Your Family

When you are available, offer to babysit the grandkids. Take them to the zoo, the park, fishing, on a bike ride, etc.

Offer to take a family member, child, or adult out to lunch.

2) Join, Or Start, A Club Or Group

What are your interests? Photography? Bike riding? Golfing?

Meeting with groups of people who share your interests will help you develop and maintain a social network.

3) Learn Something New

Is there an activity or skill you have always wanted to learn? Is it something like pottery, swimming, bowling, or horseshoes? Learning is a great opportunity for social interaction.

Check with a local college or technical school for available classes. The university in my town will allow seniors to ‘audit’ some classes free. You can go learn and you don’t have to take the tests!


Staying active in retirement can improve our social interaction. Social interaction is as important as physical activity for a healthy, happy retirement.

There are many ways to stay active and improve our social interaction at the same time. You may have to try several activities before you find the one, and the group, that is right for you!

The important thing is to stay active, both physically and socially!

Next time, let’s talk about some ways we can stay active as retirees.

I’m going for a walk!

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