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Why Is It Important For Retirees To Stay Active?

When retirees think about their future, they picture a life free of work and career. They hope to be able to give time and attention to their family and friends.

To do this, they need to be healthy. And retirees need to maintain their health by staying active.

There are benefits to staying active as we age. Even if you were not very active in your working life, it is not too late.

Becoming, and staying, active will provide benefits to you!

Benefits Of Staying Active

There are three categories of benefits that come from staying active when we age. The categories are physical health, mental health, and social interaction.

1) Physical Health

Staying active when you retire is important in maintaining your stamina and strength. We need that stamina for a day with the grand-kids, or to win that golf tournament.

Activity can help reduce the symptoms of some chronic conditions. Some examples are arthritis, bone density loss, or high blood pressure.

2) Mental Health

Staying active offers some important mental health benefits.

Activity can improve your mood and boost your self-esteem. More benefits are that activity can help rid you of stress, and anxiety.

3) Social Interaction

Staying active will increase your self-confidence.

Self-confidence can lead to new-to-you activities. New activities can lead to a growing number of social functions and new friends.


It is important to stay active as a retiree.

Staying active affects your body, such as your physical health.

Staying active affects your lifestyle, such as your mental health and social interactions.

As we age there are changes in our physical health. Staying active can slow, or even stop, these changes. Changes in our physical health can affect our mental health.

Next time we will look at the effect activity can have on your mental health.

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