What It’s All About

Hi there!

Suzanne standing in surf at Gold Beach, California.

I am Suzanne (above), along with my husband, Poppy (below)!

Poppy, in shadow, overlooking Crater Lake.

My mission is to provide inspiration and ideas for living the 24/7 of retired life!  And living it on our new incomes, because let’s face it, the majority of retirees have less income after retirement.

The blog was launched in 2018, as a community for retirees, and those thinking about retirement, and as a site for inspiration for retired life, 24/7!  If you love the retired life but need some new inspiration, you will feel at home here.  We will talk about activities to do, things to see and new experiences to try.

I am still learning about the blogging business and the art of sharing information and experiences with you.  I will share with you as we go, and hope that you will share your questions and ideas with me via the Contact Us page. (coming soon)

As I got further along in my working career, more and more of my friends and coworkers began to retire.  One theme I heard over and over was “what am I going to do now”.   When I talk to them, they seem to feel they have a bleak future.

It has been stressed, especially as we got older, that we needed to save for retirement.  Therefore, many retirees have considered the financial aspect of retirement.  However, those retirees haven’t given much thought, if any, to what the days of retirement will hold for them. 

I want to help them, and you, by providing inspiration, ideas, and examples of the great things available in this world!  For instance, travel, learning, new forms of exercise activities and volunteering are a just a few of our opportunities.

Poppy and I have always traveled low budget. We do not care much for flying, but instead enjoy driving and camping.   We love to visit the State Parks, the National Parks and the many attractions (some might be considered quirky) here in the United States!  Wherever you live on this earth, there are local, and within-driving-distance, activities and incredible sights to see!   You do not need a large budget to travel.

Collage of real flamingos and graphic flamingos.

And speaking of quirky, here are a couple of things Poppy and I really like: tie dye and flamingos!

collage of Suzanne & Poppy in various tie dye shirts

Our travels so far have mostly just included the western portion of the United States.  With more time in retirement, our travel world has become bigger.  Alaska, the Yukon, Banff National Park, Niagara Falls, Acadia National Park, the Smithsonian Museums, and the Everglades, just to name a few.  

I love learning new things!  There is so much to learn and so much to try.  Maybe I will try college classes.  Maybe I will take advantage of the learning opportunities at the local city and county community centers.  Maybe I will go to the YMCA or YWCA and take some classes.    

It will be so much fun exploring these, and other, opportunities and sharing the experiences with you!

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And thanks for being here!  We really appreciate it!