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What Does Staying Active In Retirement Mean?

Staying active in retirement means moving your body and exercising your mind!

But now, unlike in your working life, staying active can be doing things you want to do, not things you are required to do!

If we don’t stay active our health may suffer and we won’t enjoy retirement. And, after all, we should enjoy it; we worked hard to get here!

When you hear the words “stay active” do you have visions of torture?  Things such as gyms full of scary looking equipment, strenuous exercising, sweating profusely, etc.?

Staying active does not have to mean those things!

Ways To Stay Active

When we retire, we may feel we deserve to relax. Relaxing is great, but don’t let it become your retirement lifestyle.

Staying active is wonderful for your physical and mental health and it does not have to hurt!

1. Get out of the house and move

Moving your body does not have to be working out in the gym unless that is your thing!

Move through your garden pulling weeds or move through your neighborhood in the form of a walk!

2. Volunteer

Volunteer at a place you enjoy, like the library, a museum, or a local school.

Helping people will keep you active and fulfill your need for social interaction.

3. Find like-minded groups

Another way to stay active is to find like-minded groups that enjoy the activities you enjoy.

Check your local resources to see what activities they offer. Resources might include local community centers, the YMCA, the YWCA, or senior centers. If there is not already a group for your activity (golf, photography, etc.) you could start one!

The Next Step

Staying active in your retirement means moving your body and exercising your brain. We do this by getting out of our homes and being involved in the world around us.

We used to stay active by going to work each day. Now we have to find new activities, but there are so many thing to try!

Some activities we try we’ll like and some we won’t. That’s okay, let’s keep moving!

In the next post I will discuss why it is important for retirees to stay active. See you then!

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