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How Will You Stay Active In Retirement?

You have reached retirement! Or, like me, you are almost there!

Are you concerned about what you are going to do next? You may have been busy with your career and work. You may have been busy with raising your family.

You might not have had time for self-care and staying active. You might not be enjoying the activities you are currently involved in.

It is never too late to start something new and stay active in retirement!

3 Ways To Stay Active In Retirement

Let’s look at some activities. They might be new to you. Or maybe you have never heard of them before.

1) Charity Walks

Charity walks are walks and/or runs that are sponsored by charities. You either pay a registration fee or collect pledges or both.

A lot of the walks are 5K, which is 3.1 miles. Get some friends or family to take part with you. You can stay active and help raise funds for some of your favorite charities.

2) Geocaching

Geocaching (jee-oh-cash-ing) is like a treasure hunt. Instead of a map with an X marking the treasure, you use a set of coordinates and a GPS receiver.

The treasure can be little trinkets in some type of weatherproof container. A logbook and pen or pencil are generally included. The logbook is for you to record your visit to the cache.

You can search the internet for geocaching websites. One of the first websites and still a good one is

Grab some friends and start hunting!

3) Farmers’ Markets

A farmers’ market is a physical place like a parking lot or street. There the farmers sell food directly to the consumers. A farmers’ market typically consists of booths, tables, or stands.

This is a great opportunity to buy foods that are grown locally.

Some markets have expanded their offerings to include crafts and food vendors.

Go with your friends, stay active while you shop, and enjoy the festival atmosphere!


How will you stay active in retirement? You may be concerned that you have been busy with your career and raising a family. You may feel that it is too late to become, and stay, active.

It is never too late! We took a brief look at three of the many activities you can participate in. Staying active in retirement does not have to be hard or involve activities you don’t like.

We have the time, let’s keep trying different activities until we find the ones we like and enjoy!

Next time we will take a look at how staying active can help us maintain our independence.

Let’s go on a geocaching treasure hunt!

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