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Can Staying Active In Retirement Affect Your Mental Health?

You retired and left the working world. If you liked your job, it could have been difficult to leave. If you didn’t like your job, it was very easy to leave.

Either way, it was a big change in your lifestyle. And big lifestyle changes can cause an imbalance in our mental health.

But, by staying active, you can boost your mental health.

Let’s look at three elements of our mental health that will benefit from staying active as we age.

3 Elements of Mental Health That Will Benefit

1) Staying Active Decreases Symptoms Of Depression

In retirement, your lifestyle changes in many ways. This may leave you feeling depressed, sad, or dejected. This, in turn, can affect you in physical ways. It can affect your sleep, your appetite, your energy level, etc.

If, however, you stay active, you will feel less depressed. There are physical changes that take place within our bodies when we are active. These changes decrease the symptoms of depression. Let’s keep moving!

2) Staying Active Boosts Your Mood

Do you know anyone, retired or not, that always seems to be in a bad mood? As retirees we don’t want to be that person.

Exercise and activity can help boost your mood. When we stay active, the physical changes that take place within our bodies can help us feel better.

When you finish that bike ride or help that young person learn to read, you feel better about yourself. Because of your positive mood, you will not be the ‘old grouch’.

3) Staying Active Can Help You Feel Young

Staying active in retirement can leave you feeling young. Sure, we can’t run as fast as when we were in high school, but we can still run, and finish, the race!

Staying active has many effects on the physical body. And when our physical bodies feel good, we feel younger. And that is a definite boost to our mental health.

As A.J. Styles said, “You’re only as old as you feel, and I feel pretty young.”


Staying active as retirees affects out mental health in positive ways.

If we don’t stay active we can become depressed, grouchy and old.

It is a vicious cycle that we can get into. We don’t want to be active because we feel depressed. We feel depressed because we are not active, and so on. Let’s break the cycle!

We want people who are still working to see us and be excited about their own future retirement.

In the next segment we will move from mental health to physical health. We will see if staying active can improve your bone health.

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